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Drug prevention in Georgia

  • "Pilot model project for prevention - Education against drug addiction" in cooperation with OWI's Georgian partners from Tbilisi (Curatio International Foundation and Bemoni Public Union).
  • Training of educational personnel, developing instruments for national surveys and developing information material for teachers, parents and young people.
  • Developing a prevention methodology adapted to the cultural context, training of school psychologists who work full-time at schools and do preventive activities with the pupils of different age groups in 16 public school in Tbilisi, training of teachers, starting a public education campaign.
  • Opening a centre for prevention and consultation and for out-patient psycho-social treatment.
  • Mobilizing community resources involving the local authorities in outreach programmes in Tiblisi districts.
  • Conference on co-operation to develop national practices. The Conference on Cooperation was held in Tbilisi on October 28, 1999 and was supported by the Georgian Ministry of Health.
    The objectives of the conference was to initiate the discussions among the governmental, non-governmental and international organizations active in the fields of drug and alcohol addiction, to share experiences and to discuss strategies of future cooperation.
    The participants of the conference included representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the German Embassy in Georgia, non-governmental organisations, professional narcological insitutions of Tbilisi and German experts.
    The initial activities of this project have been sponsored by the EU-LIEN programme 1998-2000 .
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