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Social work education, 1992 - 2000

  • Establishing co-operation with the professional organisation of social workers and social work instructors in CIS.
  • Russian Federation / Kazan, Conference "Social work in the Regions. Theories and Methodology - Culture and Traditions" with Association of Russian social workers, Ministry for Education and Ministry of Labour, Cabinet of Ministers, Republik of Tatarstan.
  • CIS, Study on social work education programmes and the curricular developments in CIS countries and their impact on the development of NGOs in the social field, sponsored by GTZ, Germany.
  • Russian Federation / Altai, Bernaul, Conferences for social workers and institutions for social work education "Social work in Rural communities and social work education".
  • Germany / Bonn, Conference on "Concepts for social work education". An exchange of concepts from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands and UK.
  • Romania / Piatra Neamt and Bacau, Capacity building, training of professionals, doctors, research workers, social workers, psychologists and volunteer workers, mobilizing community resources. Supporting parents initiatives and providing psycho-social assistance for HIV/AIDS-infected children and their families in the cities of Piatra Neamt and Bacau.
  • Georgia / Tbilisi, Pilot model project - Education against drug addiction. Developing a prevention methodology adapted to the cultural context. Training of school psychologists who do preventive activities in 16 public schools. Developing instruments for national surveys and information material for teachers, parents and young people. Public education campaign in Tbilisi.
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