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Our intent and focus of activities are

  • To expand capacities and competences of our associates in the eastern regions. This is done by encouraging capacity development within organisations and institutions, by providing professional assistance and training programmes for social and health workers, other professionals, leaders and managers of NGOs and volunteer-workers.
  • To assist in re-framing and managing the existing NGOs, conveying organisation development (OD), project planning and management patterns, resource development and fund-raising concepts.
  • To support and encourage activities that will contribute to develop new services and new national practices in the sectors of social welfare and health care.
  • To support community involvement as an important resource identifying and solving problems and provide training programmes in community organising skills.
  • To initiate international co-operation between eastern and western NGOs through twinning, common pilot projects, participation in conferences and European networks and through the exchange of ideas and experiences between professionals from the social and health sectors.
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